Amdusias sigil
Zodiac Position 0-4 degrees of Pisces
Day February 19th-23rd
Tarot Card 8 of Cups
Candle Color Light Blue*
Plant Mimosa
Planet Neptune*
Metal Silver*
Element Water and Air*
Rank King*
Governs 29 legions of spirits
Animal Bird*
Demon Night and is the Musical Director in Hell and is the God with the highest skill in Music*
*Dictated from Thoth

He can inspire music. He causes musical instruments to be heard, but not seen, and gives excellent familiars. He can give a familiar to assist on any secret mission one wishes to perform, and can cause trees to become barren of fruit or even fall to the ground, or bend according to one's will.
Amdusias told the Joy of Satan Ministry in 2003: "Just as the enemy has people who cannot see us, we cannot see them. However, they will manifest blatantly as we get closer to the climax of our cause."
Amdusias has long black hair. He is tall with long fingers and he has strong, rough hands. His wings are tan and he has dark skin.