Amon sigil
Zodiac Position 0-4 Degrees of Taurus
Day April 20th-24th
Tarot Card 5 of Pentacles
Candle Color Red or Gold*
Plant Nightshade
Planet Sun*
Metal Gold*
Element Fire and Air*
Rank Prince*
Governs 40 legions of spirits
Animal Lion*
Demon Day
*Dictated from Thoth

He discerns the past, foretells the future, reconciles friends and enemies, procures love and causes love to flourish.
He is one of the most beautiful beings I have ever seen. He has very light blonde hair swept back; he is strongly built and has an enormous amount of positive energy. He is attended by a strong and aggressive falcon. He is literally radiant like the Sun. He is one of the 7 Sons of Satan. He is extremely proud, beautifully built, and very tall and strong.
— High Priestess Maxine