Cimejes sigil
Zodiac Position 25-29 degrees of Aquarius
Day February 14th-18th
Tarot Card 7 of Swords
Candle Color Dark Blue
Plant Pine
Planet Venus
Metal Copper
Element Air
Rank Marquis
Governs rules 20 legions of spirits
Demon night
*Dictated from Thoth

Cimeries is also known as the Egyptian God "Khepera" "Kheperi" "Khepri" "Kheprer" and "Chepera"
*He stated to a disciple that he prefers to be addressed as "Khepu"

Cimeries bestows strength in spirit and confers much courage; he makes one heroic in battle, teaches literature and finds anything that is lost. He teaches grammar, logic, and rhetoric and is the patron of soldiers and military personnel. He also discovers buried treasure.
He has beautiful shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair and is well built. He is a very handsome God with a wide wingspan. His wings are golden, and he is covered with golden glitter.