Lerajie sigil1
Zodiac Position 5-9 degrees of Gemini
Day May 26th-31st
Tarot Card 6 of Rods
Candle Color Red
Plant Plantain
Planet Mercury
Metal Mercury
Element Air
Rank Marquis
Governs rules 30 legions of spirits
Demon Day
*Dictated from Thoth

Lerajie is the Goddess of love and pleasure. She has the ability to attract others as well as drive them away. She causes contests and battles and can cause wounds to become infected [physically and emotionally] and prevent them from healing. She can break up the love affairs or marriages of rivals. Lerajie wears an Egyptian style headdress and make-up. She is short, slim and around 5 feet tall with an olive complexion and shoulder-length black hair with bangs. She wears gold clothing- a skirt, and top. Her wingspan is wide and shimmering red. She appears to be young in appearance, around 20 years old and is very beautiful.
She can instruct one in meteorology, and in the workings of healing and medicine, She is a bringer of peace. Lerajie may alter the wind to her desire to benefit The Watcher, as well as cause the climate to change. She has a soft smooth seductive voice and can be very sarcastic. Lerajie is very friendly amongst our kind, as well as completely volatile towards our enemies. She can remind one of the great ways of Ancient Sumer. I have witnessed the beautiful artwork Lerajie has made out of the clouds in scarcely populated areas at sunset.
– by Tjiat