Zepar sigil
Zodiac Position 15-19 Degrees into Gemini
Day June 6th-10th
Tarot Card 9 of Swords
Candle Color Black
Plant Mandrake
Planet Venus
Metal Copper
Element Air
Rank Duke
Governs rules 26 legions of spirits
Demon Day
*Dictated from Thoth

Zepar incites love and passion between the sexes. He can make women barren and can cause one to shape shift.

Zepar is the Greek God Zephyros and is also known as Zephyrus.

Here is part of an excerpt from

“ZEPHYROS (or Zephyrus) was the god of the west wind, one of the four directional Anemoi (Wind-Gods). He was also the god of spring, husband of Khloris (Greenery), and father of Karpos (Fruit).

Zephyros was portrayed in classical art as a handsome, winged youth. In Greek vase painting, the unlabelled figures of a winged god embracing a youth are sometimes identified as Zephyros and Hyakinthos--although other commentators interpret them as Eros (Love) with a generic youth. In Greco-Roman mosaic the god usually appears in the guise of spring personified carrying a basket of unripe fruit.


Zepar is on the right side of this painting by Botticelli.


Being a “Wind-God” Zepar has power over the element of air, which is in the soul. Beelzebub, in addition to being a God who has power over insects and the occult discipline of using insects for divination, is also a very powerful God of wind and air.